Business gifts

Surprise your employees or partners with a unique gift.

If you are a company and you want to send your business partners a unique memorable gift that symbolizes Croatia, we have a solution – a soaping solution.

Each of our products, made of Croatian extra virgin olive oil from organic farming and high quality essential oils, represents one Croatian natural beauty.

Our gift box set contains two natural soaps – a 60g and 15g natural soap of the same scent. However, we can combine any two natural soaps of your choosing, depending on the scent and the product size you prefer.

Even though our story develops around the fragments of Croatia, we also offer you an option of complete customization. Therefore, we can place your logo on our packaging or customize the complete visual identity of the gift, depending on your preferences. Moreover, if you wish to customize the products all the way, you can even choose your own scent.

To get a specialized offer, please send us your requirements to Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wedding memory gifts

Give your wedding guests a unique thank you gift – customized heart-shaped natural soaps.

If you want your wedding guests to take home with them a one-of-a-kind thank you gift, why not give them a creatively crafted fragment of your own wedding?

Products specialized for this purpose are heart-shaped natural soaps, but we also offer a complete customization, in accordance with your wishes for this special day.

We only need you to tell us your wishes and demands so we can customize the packaging, the logo, the content, the scent or even the soap color itself.

Make your wedding day a memorable one for everyone with a scent that will never be forgotten by contacting us on, no strings attached.

Villas & apartments

Up-scale your accommodation by offering your guests a natural handmade soap that represent a fragment of Croatia.

Nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to differentiate among various competitors in the tourism industry. If you are a private accommodation service provider, one of the options for differentiation are unique gifts for your guests, such as natural cosmetics products.

Since our story focuses on Croatia’s natural beauties, you can leave our products as gifts for guests or use them within the accommodation. A gift that is socially responsible and authentic will differentiate you from your competitors and let your guest know that you are in step with global trends in tourism.

We can customize our products completely, depending on your preferences and wishes – from just placing a logo on the packaging to creating a whole new visual identity for you.

Contact us at and tell us your wishes so that we can show you why our products are exactly what your villa or apartment needs.

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